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Hard to Reach
Posted at: 2009-07-10 09:44:41
Original ad:
im selling my 1991 ford f150 for $2500. call ***-***-**** for more info or email
From Mike Partlow to ************@********.org

I am interested in your truck. How many miles does it have on it?


From *********** to Me:
do you have a number you can be reached at?

From Mike Partlow to ***********
Yes I do. My number is (***)-492-159.

From *********** to Me:
that isnt a phone nubmer there arent enough numbers

From Mike Partlow to ***********
That is my phone number. You can get a number with less digits for a small monthly fee, which I am paying for.

From *********** to Me:
well i dont think its working i tried calling and it said its not a number

From Mike Partlow to ***********
Did you dial 1 first?

From *********** to Me:
i just tried that and it is not working

From Mike Partlow to ***********
Wait are you calling from Philly?

From *********** to Me:

From Mike Partlow to ***********
Oh, my mistake. Since you are calling from Philly, you have to dial a 6 first, followed by the pound sign, and then my number.

From *********** to Me:

From Mike Partlow to ***********
Shit, do you just want my office number? It is a little complicated.

From *********** to Me:
yeah fine give me that

From Mike Partlow to ***********
You have to call my office at (215)-592-**** and then put in extension 4491-2938 followed by the pound sign to be transferred to the Human Resources department. Once you are transferred there, you need to enter this pin as the security access code: 2A11-3D58-2F41-FW31. You will be put through to Katie, our receptionist. She is going to ask you a series of questions to confirm you are not a machine. Upon confirmation, tell her that you want to speak to Richard, tell him Mike sent you. When Richard gets on, ask him to page Mike Partlow. Use this code as a reference: 8281-WK82F. It should take about two minutes upon me receiving the page to make it to the secure office phone. I can only talk on that phone for about 15 seconds, so I will give you a randomly generated payphone number for you to call me on. I will then run down to the lobby and pick up the payphone, and then we can talk. Got it?

From *********** to Me:
it says that is not a working number

From Mike Partlow to ***********
Did you dial 1 first?

From *********** to Me:
fuck this. forget it

From Mike Partlow to ***********
Wait, I also have a pager number. Do you want that instead?
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troll (2013-10-06 13:43:46)
Ahahaha did you dial 1 first? That's genuis
KarinK (2013-09-25 17:24:59)
holy shit mike. you are a genius.
shake & bake (2013-09-18 01:36:39)
I love it, I hate those assholes who don't give the miles amd say calls only. I never bother since I don't need to spend 10 mins on the phone with somebody trying to tell me that 300,000 miles is nothing for cars today..
xz9afn (2013-05-25 09:40:49)
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oy9hox (2013-05-25 09:04:20)
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anonymous (2013-04-30 20:07:22)
I am in legit pain from laughing. Every time I picture him running down to a pay phone my chest hurts
frggu (2013-02-10 00:49:32)
'did you dial 1 first' couldnt stop laughing
TigerladyNZ (2013-02-06 21:59:22)
" I will then run down to the lobby " Please help me up off the floor.
Ratso (2012-10-29 16:18:34)
OMG thanks for your website. I just drooled on my desk laughing! There is a long history of trolling folks and businesses via letters - I wonder if you've read some of the collections of humorous letters? Thanks again!
Beolex (2012-08-09 16:58:02)
"it says that is not a working number" Oh my god, I love the fact that he actually tried it.
Sammich (2012-07-20 23:02:15)
"Did you dial 1 first?" LMFAO
A FUCKING NINJA (2012-06-18 12:02:28)
dude... you're the best troll in the world!
delorean dmc-12 (2012-06-16 12:07:31)
delorean dmc-12
Monty P. (2012-05-10 11:18:33)
Funny Mike
I love you (2012-04-05 10:11:25)
Will you marry me?
anonymous (2012-02-12 16:16:16)
LOOOL, he didn't seem to mind going through all that confirmation of his office number!
miami (2011-12-27 05:11:31)
Surfergirl (2011-12-07 14:25:09)
I about shit when I read the part about running to the payphone. The last line just took it over the top!
Too stupid to drive (2011-12-05 01:05:39)
This should be part of the test for a drivers license- if you fall for this, you're too stupid to drive. Kind of like the guy who called tech support because the "cup holder" on his computer broke off when he set his drink on it...
whiplash (2011-10-18 07:45:53)
lol..seriously that guy os a dumb ass... He actually tried that... Lol.. My favourite..
Bob (2011-09-09 16:00:41)
Omg I can't believe he actually tried it
Andrew (2011-09-05 18:59:49)
Okay, this is my new favorite!
anonymous (2011-08-18 23:51:09)
hahahahaha that idiot actually tried the "office number"
o+< (2011-07-27 08:42:35)
"Did you dial 1 first?" is the equivilant of "que?"
retard (2011-07-11 17:21:16)
*quote from email* *laugh retardedly for 3 hours*
Guest (2011-07-07 15:37:55)
lol, I can't believe he was willing to do all that stuff too!
Seriously lol @ mike (2011-05-31 00:54:17)
Jesus christ. And I mean it. I just spat fucking sandwich everywhere. And nearly choaked on my coffee. This shit is dangerous to read at work!
HAHAH (2011-05-23 22:25:09)
Uhh, maybe I'm the dumbass for fucking the shit out of my mother.
anonymous (2011-05-05 23:33:49)
OMG! too freakin funny
anonymous (2011-04-13 07:25:08)
aaaaaaaaa........craked me up
Max (2011-04-04 22:33:55)
That was hilarious! Keep em coming!
labater (2011-04-04 08:27:57)
i agree with Tom except twelve hours later!
anonymous (2011-03-29 08:40:21)
The second time he said did you dial 1 first was money
Dirk Diggler (2011-03-23 14:07:07)
I was just drinking and read to the line about running to a payphone and spit gatorade all over my computer lol
x (2011-03-04 05:15:48)
"She is going to ask you a series of questions to confirm you are not a machine" that line was money!
HAHAH (2011-02-26 17:12:20)
anonymous (2011-02-25 14:32:49)
I love the huge long explanation for the work phone, then "It doesn't work." "Did you dial 1 first?"
Tom (2011-02-16 22:47:08)
Thanks...i really needed to blow coffee out my nose at 3:45 AM!
@(@Mark) (2011-02-16 16:50:05)
you are dumb
Austin (2011-02-04 01:08:58)
That's great, i was laughing so hard from the paragraph telling him the codes he had to say to reach him at his office. Then i scroll down, and see "it says its not a working number" and I just lost it.
@ mark (2011-01-21 22:29:11)
....You clearly did not get that joke. >.>
anonymous (2011-01-12 04:00:17)
because the guy totally couldn't have given you his number so you could call him. xD seriously though, this is hilarious. not as funny as the horse farm, but still. lol
x (2010-12-24 03:30:53)
"it says that is not a working number" i absolutely LOVE the fact that he actually tried calling the office number after you gave him a series of ridiculous/difficult directions to follow it says that is not a working number"...YOU ARE TOO FUC
niggers (2010-10-18 10:37:52)
W00t. Iz be da uzin mah bost mobil. Where u at nigga
LT (2010-10-06 00:32:43)
That was some Jason Bourne shit lol.
LMBAO (2010-09-27 13:20:39)
Dudes a dumb ass for actually trying.
mark (2010-09-17 02:21:05)
how fucking retarded is the guy mike was talking to. i pay for less digits lol its cheaper. fucking great keep up the good work mike
haha (2010-09-13 16:43:28)
LOLOL why would the guy just have "Mike" call him instead?! xD
aequitas (2010-09-09 11:56:05)
epic :)
jack (2010-09-07 23:18:12)
did you dial 1 first? hahaha
Red9 (2010-09-03 20:45:40)
I'm going to use this next time someone emails me about a phone call. Why give email as an option if you can't type a simply reply?! :)
USAF.cct (2010-08-23 21:50:01)
Haha. Made me cry
Hilncore (2010-08-17 22:30:42)
Hahahahaha....I this is hilarious!!!
Ande (2010-08-12 02:09:00)
Ahahahahah, jeeeez! I was suppose to be in bed an hour and a half ago but can't stop reading! Mike - fucking God of Trolling.
anonymous (2010-07-30 04:26:36)
LOLZ i have tears in my eyes
Eri (2010-07-29 04:08:21)
oh god I can't stop laughing this is hilarious!
D.P. (2010-07-22 09:49:39)
'Wait, I also have a pager number. Do you want that instead?' :')
Cadbury (2010-07-20 06:23:03)
BUUUUAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! this is the best stumble upon EVER! u are a legend sir! PURE GOLD!
buzz (2010-07-18 11:38:58)
how do you come up with all this
a krystal (2010-07-17 13:50:57)
tee heee lol
a krystal (2010-07-17 13:50:27)
Anon (2010-07-10 11:03:42)
Evan (2010-06-28 23:05:35)
The second "Did you dial 1 first?" Was hilarious.
Evan (2010-06-28 23:03:59)
"Did you dial 1 first?" Amazing.
the motherfuck (2010-06-22 02:32:42)
"did you dial 1 first?" you hae gotta be motherFUCKING me you brainless dipshit
Em (2010-06-21 21:45:01)
hahahaha, LOVE this one
Darby (2010-06-20 12:59:14)
I thought I read everything on this site but then stumbled on to this one and nearly died laughing. I love burritos and life!
Jon C. (2010-06-19 05:09:20)
This one is brilliant. Fucking brilliant.
awesomeness (2010-06-16 22:46:43)
oh geez i needed to go to bed 40 minutes ago but i cant stop reading these
Tiirediiyes (2010-06-15 09:16:41)
Revered in my heart.
Joe the hunter (2010-06-10 02:45:47)
The second "Did you dial 1 first?" was EPIC!!! LOL!!! Hahahahahhahahahahah!!!
anonymous (2010-06-06 13:31:40)
The 2nd "did you dial 1" killed me man... ive read 20 of these straight and im starting to get an headache, ill keep some for other days(i normally read good stuff in one time)
Dr. Evil (2010-06-01 19:31:28)
I haven't laughed that hard since I was a little girl. Thank you.
ajellyfish. (2010-05-30 21:46:28)
"fuck this. forget it." HAHAHA i love how he kept trying
too funny (2010-05-24 18:18:21)
HAHAHA OMG too funny man
Zeeza (2010-05-23 02:24:58)
Haha! I would love to do this to some one! its great! And I love how it takes people sooo long to realized whats going on!
anonymous (2010-05-11 01:36:05)
shoulda given him a number like 115-#### and told him to dial 9 first when it wouldn't work
lol (2010-05-07 08:57:37)
he should have figured it out faster than that .
Name (2010-05-04 01:10:39)
Lol, the guy actually tries calling.
Jeebus (2010-04-30 11:09:40)
Second time he said "Did you dial 1 first?" I burst out laughing
Anthony (2010-04-23 05:36:49)
Casbah! (2010-04-22 21:45:55)
HAHAH "did you dial one first?" hilarious!
Holy Moly (2010-04-20 07:31:39)
He actually tried calling?! Unbelievable.
Helen (2010-04-06 10:00:23)
FRIGGIN HELL SOOO FUNNY. Oh mike will you marry me?
OMFGGGGGGG (2010-03-30 15:15:06)
anonymous (2010-03-21 21:32:48)
Interesting that the person selling the truck immediately asked for a phone number instead of answer the question about the number of miles on the truck. Did he not want to put it in writing for some reason?
anonymous (2010-03-19 00:42:54)
Kirk, you're a fucking idiot.
Kirk (2010-03-16 04:14:39)
i couldnt breath for a good 2 minutes while laughing my eyes out - i was reading this -crying and LAUGHING SOO hard!THIS WHOLE THING IS GENIUS! the last time i laughed that hard was 10 years ago!!
Coop (2010-03-12 06:34:08)
This is so funny, and English is not my native language ! But i do understand it and it is very funny :o)
Emily (2010-03-11 13:37:53)
This is by far the most hillarious email I have read on this site! What makes it sooo funny is that the guy actually tried to call!
ofuckioeoksuckfucksu (2010-03-11 06:43:46)
Geoff Currey (2010-03-08 03:29:37)
I don't get it? Why doesn't the gey just call you?
ryan (2010-03-05 16:47:07)
omgizzle (2010-03-03 22:15:11)
the really funni thing is that he was so gullible and believed that was his number. and he even tried the office! dumbass!
Brittany (2010-02-26 00:19:43)
OMG This site is HILARIOUS! Im sitting here crying it is so funny.
anonymous (2010-02-25 21:45:37)
can we get married? i am officially IN LOVE with you. i have been on this site on and off for most of the day because i cant get enough. i have never laughed so hard. holy hell.
denisepeace (2010-02-20 23:09:33)
this shit is ridiculously hilarious!
corey (2010-02-12 12:05:38)
did you dial 1 first? genius.
anonymous (2010-02-11 11:40:42)
that isnt a phone nubmer there arent enough numbers that killed me
@annonymous (2010-02-08 16:11:45)
That's because the first email went to the craigslist email address and the mark responded with his yahoo address. Do you get it? and i say this with most respect you fucking retard
anonymous (2010-02-08 14:32:49)
First the recipient is at a '.org' email and then he switches to a '' email. WTF?
Hamster at Dawn (2010-02-07 10:31:02)
"Did you dial 1 first?" I swear I almost suffocated from laughing so hard xD
Beef (2010-02-04 02:30:35)
Oh my god. That didn't even get off the ground! I didn't expect that at all... Priceless!
Tasha (2010-01-31 12:50:58)
Dude, you are a complete and utter ledgend - seriously funni stuff (:
tumz (2010-01-18 13:23:21)
hahahahahaha ROFL fuck i cant stop reading this its hilarious
weiss (2010-01-10 19:47:18)
i peed a little
pussyman (2010-01-06 17:04:38)
This whole thing is great, i cant believe how stupid people really are. but yet i can. roflmao
anonymous (2010-01-05 16:58:39)
what the hell is RSS
Kevin (2010-01-04 10:49:41)
I can't stop laughing!
Mike (2010-01-01 15:50:28)
This guy is pure genius!
HNL (2009-12-28 14:51:39)
This is hilarious! I hope more are posted soon.
Eric (2009-12-26 13:25:34)
This stuff is fucking gold! -note to haters: Fuck off you jealous turds calling this stuff fake.
the D (2009-12-21 12:00:29)
supppperr fucking funny
Hey you! (2009-12-20 13:53:50)
Get back to work and answer some more ads! I pissed away most of Sunday and am damn near complete, I can't get enough, need more, NOW also, please don't get RSS feeds because they're only used by the GAY community.
Willage (2009-12-14 04:26:45)
rofl, that dude isn't that intelligent for not picking up on that after the first time
Darkvader 420 (2009-12-01 23:16:11)
hahahahaha funny ass shit...Priceless
John (2009-12-01 13:26:10)
One of the best ones! "fuck it. forget this" hilarious!
TeF (2009-11-26 02:33:02)
Fucking Hilarious!! I can only talk on that line for 15 seconds, lmao!!!!
I-AM-Amused (2009-11-22 11:55:05)
LMAO- and WHY isn't this in the Top Rated...that was just hilarious! LOL Will the payphone self-destruct in 5 sec? LOL!
Steph (2009-11-17 04:07:57)
I was reading this on my iPhone in my college lecture class and just snorted then busted out laughing in the middle of the class! Haha hilarious
Cccc (2009-11-16 18:41:04)
in his FAQ it says only like 10% of people reply anyways. Even if it was fake, it's still funny. it's like your jealous of his popularity?
Brianseph (2009-11-12 13:00:38)
From Mike Partlow to *********** That is my phone number. You can get a number with less digits for a small monthly fee, which I am paying for. that is fuckin rich. love it!
lawll (2009-11-08 21:21:39)
gay kid (2009-11-07 09:18:57)
Hard to Reach Posted at: 2009-07-10 09:44:41 Original ad: im selling my 1991 ford f150 for $2500. call ***-***-**** for more info or email From Mike Partlow to ************@********.org Hey, I am interested in your truck. How many miles does it h
Haha (2009-11-06 21:17:08)
"did you dial 1 first?" fucking hilarious!
¡£ (2009-11-03 17:49:38)
did he really dial it lol can't believe it
Ashes (2009-10-25 23:18:34)
"Did you dial 1 first?" That's some pretty funny shit.
matt (2009-10-23 13:26:44)
you're out of control...hilarious
LMS (2009-10-22 00:42:34)
People in my hostel are saying I'm crazy for sitting here laughing to myself. Тhis is seriously the funniest shit I've seen in ages.
SAINT.D (U.K) (2009-10-20 06:47:53)
I am sat in my office at work.....crying uncontrollably, trying not to make a noise. ABSOLUTE GENIUS
me me me (2009-10-02 20:53:48)
i am home alone reading this and laughing my ass off. you are a genius.
britna (2009-10-02 16:42:20)
bahahahah omg awesome who would actually try to call that?
did you dial 1 (2009-10-01 22:54:50)
hahahaha what a dingleberry. wow, he actually tried to dial it. f.h.l.
crunkbox (2009-10-01 06:53:14)
you are killing me with laughter
Martin (2009-09-16 14:55:20)
My friends and I are reading these and laughing our asses off!!! It's so great! /Sweden
Sveijk (2009-09-08 16:06:00)
you should publish those in Europe. here you have a fun club already
anonymous (2009-09-05 17:16:18)
less complicated method lol
:) (2009-09-05 10:29:50)
This is by far my favorite. I laughed so hard.
Butch (2009-09-03 08:27:26)
you were terrific tuesday night. i love the tight, hairy asshole.
Cobra Island (2009-09-01 22:01:12)
Effin' EPIC!
sitehater6669 (2009-09-01 09:20:13)
you sound like a dude who shaves his balls. do you shave your balls?
donsack (2009-08-24 21:09:43)
The poster of this ad deserves whatever he got, I hate it when craigslist idiots don't answer your question. This is the type of dude that won't meet you anywhere decent or let you come to his shitty house. How about this asshole, I didn't ask
donsack (2009-08-24 21:09:19)
The poster of this ad deserves whatever he got, I hate it when craigslist idiots don't answer your question. This is the type of dude that won't meet you anywhere decent or let you come to his shitty house. How about this asshole, I didn't ask
Lucas (2009-08-23 19:16:04)
"did you dial 1 first?" omg that cracked me up lol
Anonymous (2009-08-19 11:58:05)
>SuperAndy Even if that would happen to be true it's damn funny.
SuperAndy (2009-08-19 03:45:03)
hey shitstank... NONE of the emails on this website are real, both "sides of the convo" are made up. It is just his lame attempt at doing something while he mooches off his mother and lives in his childhood bedroom.
Holy ShitStank (2009-08-17 20:45:22)
How on earth do you find these idiots!? Amazing that this guy just kept replying!!!
Paul J (2009-08-17 14:06:54)
Pure gold.
Ged (2009-08-17 05:06:08)
What's funny is that there was originally a phone number in the original ad. Did he try that as well? And why oh why didn't he just give you his number and tell you to call?
duncan (2009-08-14 14:25:10)
Do you get it he doesnt put in enough numbers so that guy can never really call him. Absolutly genius...way to keep him on the hook Mike you slick devil you
samcat (2009-08-14 12:43:56)
LMFAO, oh man this is good
Noel (2009-08-13 16:55:36)
I am in tears this is so damn funny - I LOVE IT :-)
craig (2009-08-11 09:29:57)
the funny thing is that you know the guy probably tried calling all the numbers! lol
duncan (2009-08-10 13:46:02)
Hoof_hearted? (2009-08-09 13:44:06)
..cuz I smells sumthin funny! Mike you are a genious!
rofl (2009-08-07 17:38:37)
"fuck this. forget it" lmaooo
Didyoudial1? (2009-08-06 11:32:55)
The did you dial 1 first, at the second time made this FUCKING hilarious... I just laughed and sharted my intestine... fuck you
Dan (2009-08-06 01:11:08)
The second "Did you dial 1 first?" killed me.
Keys (2009-08-03 13:35:06)
after the number press the greek symbol for lost, then your last four digits of your social security number, then you will be prompted to leave a message, after the message press 9, fifty-two times to mark for urgent delivery, and i should be able to ret
Duncan's mom (2009-07-28 03:53:57)
This is my new favorite. LMFAO
FML (2009-07-28 02:02:13)
LOL that is some funny shit right there... lol i;d do that hahahaha
O hep me lawd jesus (2009-07-27 22:41:50)
My nose is bleeding ... laughing so hard my nose is bleeding.
Duncan (2009-07-26 16:54:55)
haha (2009-07-25 12:24:55)
I thought this was going to get perverted. Mainly something like him saying, you are legal, I am going to film you doing stuff with the animals.
hotbabe (2009-07-23 02:32:26)
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adam (2009-07-22 22:23:21)
This is the funniest one by far!!!
Funny (2009-07-22 13:42:19)
This should be on the top-rated, I laughed soooo hard I started crying and snot was coming out of my nose.
Avers (2009-07-20 19:30:52)
What a great way to fuck with someone, gotta try it some time, total genius dude!!!
DJ dicckeese (2009-07-20 11:20:52)
I'm seeing a large amount of post that seem to be "mike".
Rutabaker (2009-07-20 00:55:27)
Eh: how would you like to suck your own shit off my dick after I fuck you up the ass, eh?
thank you (2009-07-19 20:09:00)
i was laughing hysterically while reading this
glitzmilk (2009-07-18 22:23:30)
haha this is so funny.
eh (2009-07-18 18:46:58)
dude, how about a new email? these aren't all that hard to do.
John Deez Nutz (2009-07-18 04:14:16)
holy shit.. I wasn't expecting the last line of Duncan's last reply haha
John Doe (2009-07-18 03:41:42)
jesus fuckin' christ. grow the fuck up and get a life you fags
really john doe? (2009-07-17 16:43:50)
anyone can label themselves duncan?? enlighten us please.
John Don't (2009-07-17 12:33:21)
Shut the fuck up.
John Doe (2009-07-17 02:32:32)
i think it's pretty obvious that the real duncan hasn't visited this site in weeks or even months. any idiot can label themselves as duncan. these fuckin' losers won't ever let it go
seano (2009-07-16 21:59:30)
love love love this....too funny!
like it matters (2009-07-16 20:18:31)
tommy and duncan are lovers
nigga (2009-07-16 19:01:14)
Mike Partlow (2009-07-16 16:57:03)
Haha, you guys know it was fake, right
Micki (2009-07-16 08:59:18)
You are fucking awesome.
Tommy Tucker is... (2009-07-15 21:35:19)
...a "doosh". what a douche
Tommy Tucker (2009-07-15 04:53:42)
If i could guess, this Duncan person is probably the same person that invented this website, d
Jai (2009-07-15 01:03:04)
I just found this site, and found it amusing, and then discovered this 'Duncan' character on the comments, and the site became hilarious.. Nice work.
foetusfat (2009-07-14 21:15:31)
havnt laughed that hard in a while . cheers
jim (2009-07-14 14:32:58)
my bad, i found it. Is it sad I check this site 3 times a day at work hoping for an update?
anonymous (2009-07-14 14:01:28)
nah he just bumped it down a few posts, it is still there
d (2009-07-14 13:49:42)
This is the 2nd time he's pussied out
jim (2009-07-14 13:43:02)
what happened to the discount abortion email? Don't tell me you pussied out and took it down.
anonymous (2009-07-14 10:45:54)
I just read through all of these... Man you're a genius! I want more!
Thomasi (2009-07-14 01:42:19)
Duncan is fucking hilarious. Around here, he's the only one who's nearly as funny as the author of the posts.
TheRC (2009-07-13 23:18:06)
very nice site you've got here.
Stash (2009-07-13 22:53:56)
hello I would like to request your services, there is an individual who is frankly an snake in the grass, please feel free to reply yo her ads on craigs list, thanks
haha (2009-07-13 22:29:25)
duncan really came back?!?!
Feet (2009-07-13 20:02:09)
Hans (2009-07-13 19:51:06)
Mike (2009-07-13 19:46:13)
Haha, German people are stuipid.
Chivas (2009-07-13 19:20:42)
Ha (2009-07-13 15:50:22)
"kawai (2009-07-13 15:27:23) Who are you?
kawai (2009-07-13 15:27:23)
Who are you? I can see this website getting big and ive already sent it to all my friends. You should have an "About me" section.
Beez (2009-07-13 14:02:44)
Omg I can't believe this guy actually tried calling the numbers LOL. Ur a frikkin genius man!
T-Dawg (2009-07-13 11:51:19)
I eat fried chicken and drink grape soda for breakfast.
theshaolin (2009-07-13 10:54:42)
You should email him back and say 'hey, do you want me to call you?'
anonymous (2009-07-13 08:44:35)
"i can only be on that phone for 15 seconds" =) OMG!
marc (2009-07-13 05:35:37)
Hey Duncan, are you from Toronto?
HiFunctioninAutistic (2009-07-13 03:41:44)
I peed a little. Oh and BTW, Hey, Duncan - don't I know you from the bus?
Excelsior (2009-07-13 03:02:55)
105th! I win!
Hellicus99 (2009-07-13 01:08:23)
You Sir, are a genius.
NRAC (2009-07-12 21:39:59)
High-larious! LOL
Nomad (2009-07-12 17:07:34)
This is seriously your best one yet. I could NOT stop laughing...
haha (2009-07-12 17:03:24)
duncan, you fail and failing
The Lord Jesus (2009-07-12 11:07:32)
T-Dawg, come with me into the kingdom of heaven. Me and Kanyae West want to induct you!
T-Dawg (2009-07-12 11:05:57)
Why u impersinatin me dawg? That aint me... THAT AINT ME!!! And mothafucka, if you don' crave chicken there somethin wrong wit you
T-Dawg (2009-07-12 11:05:06)
Im a poor uneducated man who craves chicken as he sleeps!
T-Dawg (2009-07-12 11:04:16)
Mothafuka of course I got a big chain, wut you be expectin? I go to the club wit my Shotie Laquanda-Reinitia and I show the bitches my Jay's. Mothafuckas try an' step to my beat and I Cheese them out with my 22"s
Jim (2009-07-12 11:02:42)
Oooooh im so scared of you and your gang? You got a big chain? You take that chain out to the club?
T-Dawg (2009-07-12 11:01:41)
Kind sir, I do belive you are being racist, and offensive to my people... IMA FIND OUT WHERE YOU LIVE AND BUST A CAP IN YO BITCH ASS YOU RACIST CRAKER-AZZ MOTHAFUCKA!!
Bob (2009-07-12 11:00:37)
Want Some Chicken? Watermellon? Grape Soda?
Jim (2009-07-12 11:00:18)
Hey T, why dont you get off my internet and go pick me some cotton?
T-Dawg (2009-07-12 10:59:05)
fly (2009-07-12 10:57:00)
Everybodys going to the party gonna have a real good time...
mi-au (2009-07-12 10:44:14)
as we say in Portugal : ganda baile!! lool
fly (2009-07-12 10:27:45)
'You can get a number with less digits for a small monthly fee.' Ho. Lee. Shit. lmao.
HOTT MAMMA (2009-07-12 08:57:19)
Good One!
david (2009-07-12 06:43:34)
omg f'ing hilarious
... (2009-07-12 05:19:18)
I dont care if this is real or fake... this site is funny either way.
captbly (2009-07-12 00:32:07)
This post was hilarious! The best one yet.
RSS (2009-07-11 21:20:03) I made an RSS feed... Automatically updates from the main page.
Amy (2009-07-11 21:05:56)
@Ben I think he just posts them as they successfully happen. He writes a ton of them and most people don't respond, so it's a bit of a crap shoot when he'll update.
Fan Big (2009-07-11 20:17:16)
This one and the next four are easily the best, f++king hell hairy ass
$aze (2009-07-11 18:15:21)
Hahahaha fucking genius
fireinsp.pbcfr (2009-07-11 18:12:45)
Brilliant. No doubt a Phil Hendrie fan as well.
Ben (2009-07-11 17:26:09)
Does he purposley space these out like this or is this how long it takes for him to get a funny conversation going?
lol (2009-07-11 16:45:33)
these conversations are gold :D
sci (2009-07-11 07:07:27)
not funny
anonymous (2009-07-11 05:01:21)
This is what makes it so funny, he would go through all that to call you to tell you the miles, why not respond via e-mail? He is writing you over and over anyway...
9er (2009-07-11 04:43:17)
Best one yet.... were you calling from a walkie talkie?
anonymous (2009-07-11 03:49:06)
Mr. Partlow, while I do not enjoy the homoerotic slash fiction of your commenters arguing about RRS feeding each other, kudos to you good sir for exacting justice upon anyone assholeish enough to ask $2,500 for a 1991 piece of shit Ford.
Malaktose (2009-07-11 02:41:01)
Turd Ferguson (2009-07-11 02:10:58)
Smoky McBandit (2009-07-11 01:57:32)
fg & Leo = PWNED You just got successfully trolled on a trolling website, idiots.
cawk (2009-07-11 00:26:54)
WHAT A DUMBASS... you should send these ppl the link to this website after you talk to them jus so they realize how stupid they are
Sarah Sloan (2009-07-10 23:59:20)
LOL @ "I will then run down the lobby". :)
fg (2009-07-10 23:49:40)
Smoky McBandit (2009-07-10 23:35:06)
What do you mean by &
Leo (2009-07-10 22:55:34)
Lol it's funny how some people who comment are so devoid of intelligence that their seriously questioning the antics. You could probably just start trolling some of these retards and have more mainpage material.
...the Almighty (2009-07-10 22:34:03)
Answering your own questions isn't funny. You are both parties on all these skits.
:D (2009-07-10 21:47:03)
The funny part was he tried calling that number even after you gave that many instructions.
ineedabmwx5 (2009-07-10 19:45:59)
LOL, keep on with this, you are great
anonymous (2009-07-10 19:38:56)
love the pager number that slays me
uncle jim (2009-07-10 19:24:20)
LOL. that's beautiful!
Bryan (2009-07-10 19:19:49)
amazing! you sir (or ma'am i suppose) are a comedic genius!
quantum714 (2009-07-10 18:36:53)
lynndee (2009-07-10 18:11:50)
OH MY SHIT so funny
Dee (2009-07-10 17:45:47)
these just keep gettin better and better lol
good lord (2009-07-10 16:43:35)
funny funny funny classic...................
RSS (2009-07-10 16:37:07)
I agree we need RSS!
Johny Roberts (2009-07-10 16:19:28)
fucking brilliant read
goodstuff (2009-07-10 16:06:45)
Very funny on another note. RSS RSS RSS STFU
tini (2009-07-10 15:42:40)
HA HA HA HA HA, that A$$ went through all that, LMFAO
anonymous (2009-07-10 15:25:40)
so fucking awesome!
Frank (2009-07-10 15:17:13)
"Did you dial 1 first?" ROFL
mike (2009-07-10 15:13:34)
i love the comment goofs that think your serious almost as much as your responses..
dra9on (2009-07-10 14:48:21)
i donated 25$ yesterday
drag9on (2009-07-10 14:48:02)
mad props!
voice-of-reason (2009-07-10 14:45:54)
you internet number prank trolls are worse than pedobear, you'll burn in last cycle oh hell
@radiohode2 (2009-07-10 14:40:10)
This is the funniest site I've ever seen! So incredibly funny! :-D RSS now! We - the people - demand RSS!
Turtlemama (2009-07-10 14:36:19)
As always, brilliant. I
eric (2009-07-10 14:10:58)
Epic win!
Mark (2009-07-10 13:58:23)
This site is fucking amazing. Instead of Rss and all that shit couldn't you set up a Twitter feed and post an update whenever there is new content. It would save the sense of disapointment I feel when I visit the site and there's no new posts.
Vag Pudding (2009-07-10 13:54:25)
I want to work with Mike so bad. These need to be posted daily. I've been waiting all week for this post, and again he doesn't disappoint. Call me, 239-328.
Igor (2009-07-10 13:15:43)
One of my favorites so far. Keep it up, and PLEASE find me on Craigslist! :)
jake (2009-07-10 12:40:44)
brilliant. had me LOL.
BobForapples (2009-07-10 12:32:33)
Mike is my new best friend. Mike is my only friend. Also - I'm not wearing underpants. You should know that.
anonymous (2009-07-10 12:20:15)
Unbelievable. I love this site.
Patrick (2009-07-10 12:00:59)
You are my hero....
Donkey Punch (2009-07-10 11:47:53)
Dudes. I'm so retarded. I let donkeys
Ben (2009-07-10 11:36:44)
*by not my
Ben (2009-07-10 11:36:15)
This could have been taken in a better direction in my opinion... The high rise fridge is still my far the funniest thing i have ever read!
marc (2009-07-10 11:33:50)
Great job.. lol!!
anonymous (2009-07-10 11:28:07)
I wonder if the guy regrets not just replying via email how many miles the truck has on it. What a sucker!
Donkey Punch (2009-07-10 11:19:47)
NICE!! I just bought a Filipino wife. Thanks Mike!
Mark (2009-07-10 10:59:51)
Seriously, someone needs to give this guy a book deal.
Phathead (2009-07-10 10:54:55)
You know what...that access pin is actually a working VISA number. I used an expiration of 06/11, and BOOOM, I'm now the proud owner of a new Vespa scooter.
Mark (2009-07-10 10:54:40)
'you can get a number with less digits for a small monthly fee'-Fucking genius!
Leroy (2009-07-10 10:52:48)
LOL, just found this site today. It is owning me!!
Smoky McBandit (2009-07-10 10:51:06)
This is weird - 2911-3958-2441-8831 is too long of an access pin. Plus, why does your company have Katie ask a series of questions to see if you are a machine when she could just ask. It really doesn't make sense.
blala (2009-07-10 10:49:22)
I am in love with you Mike!!
Donkey Punch (2009-07-10 10:33:20)
You what D. Fag? Internets weren't even around a half century ago I don't think. In any even I am opening up an IRC channel in dedication to this site. Will post connection details in due time. Keep 'em comming you email asshole.
Mats (2009-07-10 10:32:43)
Mats (2009-07-10 10:32:33)
Hey, most people use rss!
Doyle (2009-07-10 10:27:03)
I tied the instructions and waited at the phone booth - you never called!
Me (2009-07-10 10:25:43)
You need to get this back on reddit or digg. Also - RSS!
pewep (2009-07-10 10:23:04)
This guy's a genius. OMG hahah
Donkey Fag (2009-07-10 10:21:32)
Hey grandma, why don't you take your beloved RSS and punch card-driven computer and shove them up your ass? Sorry that the world has moved on in the past half century.
Mark (2009-07-10 10:19:39)
Oh god........BRILLIANT!
Donkey Punch (2009-07-10 10:16:40)
Uhmm - I have way over 10 people on my ICQ list. So RSS is definately not dead.
anonymous (2009-07-10 10:14:59)
Get with the times man, RSS is outdated. What is this, fucking 1997? I bet you think people still use AOL too.
Phathead (2009-07-10 10:12:18)
HAHA - grand, just grand.
Donkey Punch (2009-07-10 10:10:17)
Dudes. Why no RSS? This site would be the shiz-nit popular if it only had RSS. UGH.
;D (2009-07-10 09:59:14)
Niki (2009-07-10 09:57:59)
Pager? lol Did you also ask him to call the big ass cell phone from the 80s?
kuumi (2009-07-10 09:57:51)
second! : DDD
hugo (2009-07-10 09:57:26)

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