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Ride in the D.A.R.E. Mobile
Posted at: 2009-06-09 01:54:41
I had to fuck with this girl some more...
Original ad:
26 year old female who loves music looking for friendly male concert buddy.

i have tickets to see STS9 tomorrow night and am looking for someone to go with me to see them. you must be 420 friendly!
From Mike Hunt to ***********@***********.org

yoooooo brah! whats good. im totally down for sts9! i saw you are 420 friendly, so i hope its cool if i shoot up some heroin on the way there. also ive got a few tanks of nitrous for the lots, can we fit them in your car? i can throw up some coke for gas


From Stacey ***** to Me

um thats not really what i meant by 420 friendly. i really dont want someone doing heroin in my car and i dont want to get pulled over with nitrous tanks. arent those really illegal?

From Mike Hunt to Stacey *****

well psh sorry i didnt realize i was dealing with fucking officer stacey over here. i didnt want to take a ride in the D.A.R.E. mobile anyway so fuck you

From Stacey ***** to Me

what?! fuck you!
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Anthony (2021-06-10 07:01:22)
This was funny! I miss this guy, though. Anyone know what happened to him?
Joseph (2018-01-17 09:52:17)
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Alisa (2016-03-20 23:59:48)
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muhammad (2016-01-06 13:39:53)
what she meant ny 420 friendly then?
Batman (2014-01-28 14:06:16)
It's typical that yuropoors would be in favor of a shit drug like weed.
Shroom207 (2013-05-01 18:28:26)
anonymous (2013-01-26 11:27:28)
Omg dying laughing!!!! Yooooo brah!!! Lol
His name (2012-12-12 17:50:14)
LMAO he emailed as "Mike Hunt" LOL
Anonymous is a c*nt (2012-10-25 09:12:35)
Oh yeah good one "Anonymous"...
anonymous (2012-10-20 11:13:24)
hey "no".. you're wrong, dead wrong on the alcohol front and arguably on the cigarette issue. Go read something you ignorant english twat
weedman (2012-09-23 17:40:00)
weed is actually good for you. You've never had it so how would you even know? it's like saying oranges are bad for you when you've never eaten an orange.
Piero (2012-08-28 17:55:27)
but weed is more expensive
No (2012-08-21 11:32:48)
Weed is less harmful than alcohol or cigarettes, yet retards have been abusing those for centuries. So up yours, you retarded, brainwashed American fat wankers.
Obi (2012-08-18 16:43:57)
No, they're right. Smoking weed is seriously a stupid, harmful, pointless activity.
asdfas (2012-07-31 16:07:57)
The guy below me is a moron. Its not completely harmless but does very very little harm to the body. And the other guys calling weed smokers fags are just retarded lol
@faggot (2012-07-18 21:57:48)
lol... I love how the internet has managed to brainwash so many people to make them think that marijuana is completely harmless...
Criken (2012-07-09 02:20:54)
If u smoke u die earlier then. Most. Weed equals fag. Weed smokers equals. Fag level MAXIMUM
@Johnny Eyeball (2012-05-14 02:36:05)
yeahhh, heroine n coke r plants. I love burning down the leaves n shooting that shit. Oh wait, i gotta add a fuckton of chemicals first. yeah, your a fuckin idiot
8^P (2012-05-03 14:08:59)
so funny..
anonymous (2012-04-17 13:31:27)
a hobo (2012-04-09 00:59:20)
What does 420 friendly mean
gumby (2012-03-28 19:34:01)
OH FUCK laughed so hard almost spit rum out of my nose
anonymous (2011-12-10 02:59:37)
wah wha wahhhhhhh lame

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