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European Scooter
Posted at: 2009-06-09 18:32:28
Whoops, I just saw "European Scooter" and assumed "gay dude."
From Timmy Tucker to ***********@***********.org

Hey there,

I saw your ad looking for a European Scooter. Are you serious? Man up and get a real bike. I am selling a '03 Harley Davidson FXDL Low Rider. This bike will get you more bitches than you will ever get with a European Scooter. In fact, all you will probably get with a European Scooter is a bunch of metrosexuals coming out of Starbucks. If you are ready to ride a badass bike, let me know if you are interested in my Harley.

Yours truly,


From Erin ****** to Me

Hi there,
Thanks but I'm really not looking to "man up" and therefore am rejecting your bike and therefore your pre-owned facade of "manliness." Oh, and I'm good on "bitches."


From Timmy Tucker to Erin ******

Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realize you were a woman. You shouldn't be operating a motor vehicle anyway. I have some kitchen tools like pots and pans if you are interested. Let me know!

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Dreama (2016-11-06 04:18:14)
s0y de mexico y piens0 ke la ciudad de buen0s aires debe estar ahy para ke l0s envidiosos de los sudamericanos muy envidiososargentina siempre le a kerid0 ganar a mexic0 per0 nunca l0 van l0grar mexic0 da muchs pas0s cuando s0l0 l0s argentin0s dan 1 pas0
mad (2016-03-30 10:50:11)
Oh wait, some are short and some are long. I'm a total idiot! Gosh darn I should stop looking at all that tentacle porn
mad (2013-10-09 08:54:11)
Your convos are getting shorter and shorter :(
Yeti (2013-06-12 02:42:03)
Slenderman is gay
Slenderman (2013-05-08 02:02:58)
Lol this is freaking funny, thank god i left the forest and just go with this internet thingy,
baby (2013-05-05 07:12:28)
blah (2013-01-20 22:39:16)
You've used the kitchen line a few times now and it was kinda funny the first time but now its getting old at least have an on the rag/menopause joke or something...
anonymous (2012-11-26 13:50:45)
This man is made of pure win.
anonymous (2012-09-12 00:03:45)
cant stop reading this shit. shit is toooo damn funny
Sean (2012-07-05 01:27:36)
Bitch get in the kitchen
8^P (2012-05-03 14:12:42)
Jelly? (2012-03-23 23:03:01)
You can't win with a troll.
Ian (2012-02-22 10:14:40)
the second 'therefore' is redundant. Mike wins on points...and also on the fact that she refused to reply to the second comment...
lmfao (2012-02-08 11:33:47)
Lmfao @ all of these tools taking the dykes side. All she is is a pseudo-intellectual POS and you dipshits thought she won.
anonymous (2011-11-16 04:01:21)
always with the kitchen shit lol
Demon Seed (2011-10-21 00:48:18)
Makes me chuckle that she responds with a "Hi There" and then shoots him down. Yet another reason women shouldn't be out of the kitchen, unless looking up more recipes to make on Google.
Katie (2011-09-08 11:25:37)
These are hilarious!
Woman (2011-08-22 19:44:52)
Lol, a lesbian girl! How come she didn't want to buy the kitchen tools? Oh, that's right, because she must have been the male part and her girlfriend must be the one that cooks, teehee. :^)
Baluch likes it (2011-07-23 09:35:48)
And also I love to suck dick
Baluch likes it (2011-07-17 10:02:09)
I see people criticizing the trolls for racism and other offense. its nothing wrong if you find it in this website! 'emails from an asshole'. and how'd you expect someone to be that offensive who can actually call himself an asshole for making
LulzMaximus (2011-07-02 20:43:40)
I don't get these fags who are asking "oh are you really a bigot?". It's like, who gives a shit man? It's funny as hell, that's all that matters man. Fact: The leader of the KKK is called "Grand Wizard".
James (2011-06-16 01:01:47)
lol'ed at this. (2011-06-12 14:23:37)
aha, this was hilarious ;L
THEREFORE (2011-06-06 01:55:19)
Eric (2011-06-03 03:46:07)
I thought you were funny when you were making fun of bigotry, but I'm getting more and more worried that you might be a bigot or a racist as I get down to your earliest work. Say it ain't so

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