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Broken TV
Posted at: 2009-06-09 18:43:29
Original ad:
I would like to buy your broken/non-working wide screen TV even if it is not repairable. Thanks, Dan
From Mike Anderson to ***********@***********.org


My roommate has a widescreen TV, but it is working. I don't like him that much though, so I would be willing to break it and sell it to you for $100. What should I do to break it? I was thinking I should just hit the screen with a bat. Let me know.


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Myrna (2015-12-07 21:41:43)
You're a real deep thkiner. Thanks for sharing.
Depp (2015-11-29 22:16:10)
Keep these arteilcs coming as they've opened many new doors for me.
Bernardo (2013-08-10 14:10:12)
Who da hell don't like pie.
constance (2013-05-02 01:09:12)
this beautiful man is doing the asian world a favor. Can't you see the employment benifits of his COURAGEOUS actions?? Many a dire soul will benifit from making even just one NEW TV. Smash a TV and put bread (or rice) on the table. I mean really.
Ben (2011-09-21 01:37:07)
I like pie :)
anonymous (2011-05-23 15:40:26)
You guys aren't hard to get a laugh of
lol (2011-02-07 22:13:05)
lol he love men
anonymous (2011-01-12 04:06:57)
people repair and resell broken tvs, nothing stupid about that.
Reno St.Louis (2010-12-16 17:22:38)
Hahaha i love men
Cem (2010-12-01 17:58:45)
Lucas, you're an idiot.
Dickbutt (2010-11-22 23:49:04)
I love chickens
Lucas (2010-10-28 14:44:05)
He posts them because this ad is just stupid. What we are supposed to get out of it is, "Why the hell is someone making an ad that they would BUY a broken t.v.?" It doubles as funny for what he writes but then shows us the stupid crap people adv
anonymous (2010-10-21 17:39:28)
the ones with no replies are FAILS. why do you post them?
penis+ (2010-09-30 00:26:47)
FalconFour (2010-08-18 03:11:26)
Planned the idea for the TV, that is. And it didn't matter if they were totally f***ed, I could still use the parts, more than the recyclers/trash could. So, yeah. What's so weird about that idea?
FalconFour (2010-08-18 03:07:06)
Holy shit dude, that's the ad from my (now-ex) boss at work! Hah. And the funny thing is, we planned that (though he wrote the ad). We both needed new TVs, and I'm pretty decent at fixing things. Never got a single (legitimate) offer. Ah well.
Truth (2010-08-09 16:46:07)
The real questions are: #1 Who the hell is Dunston? #2 Has he checked in yet?
ty (2010-06-24 18:58:19)
holy shit these comments suck. I don't like the one-reply emails, it's funnier when the other guy is actually involved.
lostmyfgf (2010-06-18 21:07:05)
fuck this shit, it was a fucking guy saying that i'm gay, fuck u all tired of this shit... now what
losther (2010-06-18 21:06:09)
oh she's calling, thank god, peace
lostmy (2010-06-18 21:05:16)
i just lost my gf... she was right here...RIGHT FUCKING HERE...
Phil A. Scio (2010-06-15 12:45:00)
I'm straight I swear
Johny Appleseed (2010-04-19 21:40:57)
No gay porn burned into screen, no care
dudebro (2010-04-18 03:38:26)
He probably wanted to buy an otherwise worthless tv looking thing to use as a prop, destroy, or use in a sculpture project.
I fucking farted (2010-04-13 20:36:49)
I just pooped on my girlfriends chest

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