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Shitty Roommate #2
Posted at: 2009-06-09 18:48:39
YOU Wrote:
Hi Megan! I am interested in your ad about a roommate for your apartment.

A little bit about myself, I am 21 years old and have two kids. Don't worry, though, their mother doesn't know I moved here (heh heh) so they most likely will never find me. I know your ad said female only, so I hope you don't mind that I am male.

I saw you said pets are ok, so I hope the two parrots I own will not be a problem. They only understand German, which I do not speak, so I kind of just let them fly around and do their own thing.

I am currently working at an audio repair shop as a subwoofer technician. This means that I bring home subwoofers a lot and have to try them out at full volume. I hope this is okay with you.

Now since you are a female, I should let you know that I tend to get drunk a lot and fuck anything that moves. If you have a problem with this, just let me know.

I like to throw parties a lot. Your ad said you are a smoker, so is it okay if my friends come over and smoke meth occasionally? I promise we won't get out of hand.

It is great that you are female, I hope that means that you can do my laundry and cook for me.

I'll look forward to living with you!

- Derek

MEGAN *********** Wrote:

ummmmmmmm no thanks! i said female only and no offense, but u sound like a horrible person to live with

YOU Wrote:


I know you said female only, but my friends have told me that I am very feminine. I even like to watch American Idol! And if you don't mind me asking, why do you think I am a horrible person to live with? If you have a problem with my German parrots, I'll understand. My last roommate was Jewish too.

MEGAN *********** Wrote:

no im not jewish lol. i dont care if u like american idol. you blast subwoofers, drink, and smoke meth, and expect me to cook for you? hell no. sorry

YOU Wrote:

Well sorry Megan if you feel that you shouldn't have to cook for me. It is just that I am a firm believer that women are responsible for those types of things. I'll smoke the meth outside if you are gonna be a twat about it.

MEGAN *********** Wrote:

um excuse me? you are an asshole! what are you from the 1950s or something? fucking sexist prick

YOU Wrote:

1950's? Oh I see, you are one of those feminist bitches. I bet you think women should be allowed to vote too. HA! Well Megan, I am sorry to say this, but I have decided that I do not want to live with you anymore. Maybe next time you'll be a little more open minded about meth, and know your role when it comes to cooking and cleaning.

MEGAN *********** Wrote:

GOOD! i didnt want u to live here in the first place!!! now FUCK OFF!!!!
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Booty (2018-11-11 11:02:54)
There's no apostrophe in 1950s. Even she got it right.
Robertkeync (2017-12-09 00:02:11)
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Nope (2015-08-20 09:58:37)
You clearly don't know how these things work. Women will always fuck black men. They're not worth a real relationship, but the dick will always be accepted.
Jizzus Christ (2013-12-11 17:06:33)
next time act like a black automatically say NO
Tomoko Kuroki (2013-11-26 19:45:07)
She didn't have a problem with "Fucking anything that walks" :D Give me her email please
Billy (2013-08-26 15:31:34)
Some nice eternal virgins here.
Joe (2012-12-01 01:29:35)
The comments are better than the material. Good one-liner insults all around this thing.
Sarah (2012-11-12 19:34:11)
hahaha "no offense, but you sound like a horrible person to live with" ...yeah..none taken! That's not offensive at all, glad she put no offense in front of it.
lol (2012-10-19 21:55:43)
I like how she agrees with anti semitic anti jew comments but gets pissy when sexist comments are made lol
g ice (2012-09-14 21:44:47)
It's cool man just move back in with me and Tyrone
Matt from Brookly (2012-07-03 08:25:42)
1950's ??? What is this bitch talking about those beliefs are still VERY strong throught the country still to this day ...
Shubham (2012-06-21 05:12:07)
anonymous (2012-05-03 14:31:22)
" I'll smoke the meth outside if you are gonna be a twat about it."...lmao ...well played sir..
anonymous (2012-03-10 10:17:56)
"Now since you are a female, I should let you know that I tend to get drunk a lot and fuck anything that moves. If you have a problem with this, just let me know." hahahabagaah
1950 (2012-01-30 13:26:22)
I bet you think women should be allowed to vote too. HA!

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