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Posted at: 2009-06-09 00:51:31
This was in response to an ad for a guy looking for a parking pass to the Eagles/Giants game last season at Giant's Stadium. I don't think he actually looked at the parking pass I sent him. If he did try to use it, he's a retard.
Timmy Tucker to ****************@***********.org
Hi there! I have season parking passes to the game and would be willing to give up my parking pass for this one because I am taking a cab to the game. I will sell it for $25.

I scanned a picture of it here if you are interested:

Please let me know!

Go Eagles! Fuck the Cowboys!

- Tim

MATTHEW *************** to Me

Hey that sounds great! Do you think that maybe you could get me one for my friend too? He is going to the Carolina Arizona game and if you could get one for him, I would gladly give you 60 for the pair.
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NormaRop (2018-04-04 13:04:32)
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Johnelle (2016-04-15 09:08:38)
All of these articles have saved me a lot of hesdachea.
Rig (2014-03-12 01:10:58)
Come on mike , we need new ones!
Mr. Right (2013-11-21 15:36:36)
Pun intended via grammatical error! ;D
Mr. Right (2013-11-21 15:35:42)
Besides both theses team suck donkey dick.
Mr. Right (2013-11-21 15:34:47)
@chris I know the original poster most likely won't see this response but anyone that does see it will get a kick out of it I'm sure! He's speaking of grammar errors than states "by" week instead of "Bye" week. Ha! idiot!
Brent Black (2013-04-26 14:18:25)
funny stuff, interested in why you used the name timmy tucker... u kno moe.?
@Chris (2013-01-01 14:23:36)
ummm... Eagles and Cowboys are football teams, not basketball
bigsmallweeney (2012-11-24 02:22:02)
ads cool, not his best though, haters gonna hate.
Morton (2012-10-26 16:00:57)
I missed so many of the typos in this thing... But I did see the "Fuck the Cowboys" and now I'm sad.
Durr (2012-10-20 18:10:14)
@EoC *gremmar
Chris (2012-10-17 09:26:57)
Clearly he knew it was a joke, as Carolina wasn't playing Arizona that weekend, so before we all throw eggs at anyone else for grammar or spelling, check your basketball dates, Carolina had a by that weekend.
Giants Fan (2012-07-27 19:40:32)
Yeah, we all want to go watch the "GAINTS" whoop the Eagles ass.
EoC (2012-07-26 15:59:09)
@Cat you* correctly* grammar's*
Cat (2012-07-04 02:04:41)
ASDASD U can't even spell grammar right so don't tell people their grammars bad
Schnell (2012-07-02 02:02:15)
@ASDASD Yet you misspell 'Grammar'. Idiot.
JxHx (2012-06-09 02:49:30)
"John (2012-03-24 20:50:04) The dude clearly knew you were fucking with him, He asked you for one to the Carolina/Arizona game and offered to pay $60 for 2 items that cost $25 a pop" This has to be one of the most retarded assumptions I've e
Stephanie (2012-04-25 12:57:22)
I love how people assume he knew it was a joke. Some people are stupid enough to overlook things. He posted on a website to get responses and imagining he was excited to obtain a second parking pass, offered an extra 10$ for the pair. It is logical sense.
ASDASD (2012-04-04 00:29:39)
Love how the grammer sucks
John (2012-03-24 20:50:04)
The dude clearly knew you were fucking with him, He asked you for one to the Carolina/Arizona game and offered to pay $60 for 2 items that cost $25 a pop
Joseph (2012-03-01 01:19:39)
Fake and gay. The pass, that is. trollolol...
KB (2012-02-02 19:58:45)
Fuck the Cowboys!
DateRape (2011-12-31 11:02:54)
JANAURY 11st ....hahahahahahaha!!
Jimmy (2011-12-17 02:49:25)
ninja (2011-12-16 20:37:50)
"parkig...9AM until 11:PM" LOL

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