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Tyrone's Dog Babysitting Service
Posted at: 2009-07-02 10:41:53
Original ad:
DOG WATCHER WANTED! we are leaving town for a week and need someone to take care of our 6-year-old rottweiler. he is very friendly! we are looking for someone trustworthy with experience, so we will need references. will pay $30 per day. email if interested!
From Tyrone Jackson to ************@******.org
yo wat up! i saw your ad looking for someone to take care of your rottweiler. ill do it no problem. i live in the area and can pick him up.

From Tanya ****** to Me
tyrone do you have any references? can you tell us a little about yourself?

From Tyrone Jackson to Tanya *******
yea i got some references. you can talk to my bro devon, or my associate g-ice. ill have them hit u up. a little about myself: i love taking care of dogs and shit

now you said your rottweiler is friendly. how friendly is he? would he be able to fight another dog if they were both put in a ring? just wonderin.

also can you pay me the money up front straight cash? i need it to enter in a contest.

From Tanya ****** to Me
I dont want you watching my dog!!!! find someone else for your dog fighting ring sicko!!!!!!!

From Tyrone Jackson to Tanya *******
whoa whoa slow yo role! who said anything about dog fighting? i was just wondering if your dog could protect itself, in case an angrier dog tries to start some shit while im walkin him. you need to chill the fuck out and stop jumpin to conclusions

From Tyrone Jackson to Tanya *******
look you triflin bitch just gimme the dog. i need it, the fight is tonight! ill pay you 200 cash plus 20 percent of whatever i win

From Tanya ****** to Me

A few hours later...

From G Ice to Tanya ******
ay yo wat up woman, its ya boy tyrone's boy G Ice. tyrone was sayin he needed a reference for ur dog babysittin job so here i am. tyrone be great with dogs. he loves em so much and will care the shit out of them. my boy tyrone is definitely the right man for the job, i aint playin

From Tanya ****** to Me
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Krystallynn (2016-11-06 04:18:54)
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MatthewCulk (2015-05-25 07:51:48)
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Chijo (2013-10-24 03:06:06)
Who cares if he is trying to be black white jewish russain I don't give a fuck none of you should its a joke grow up already
TBeezy (2013-10-22 15:37:17)
Everyone keep saying he never said he/she was black. How many white men do you know name Tyrone? If he/she wanted to make the point that Ebonics is becoming a common language then he/she should've named him John or any name that is not familiarized
tyrone (2013-10-21 12:02:43)
jigga (2013-09-18 02:00:36)
ay yo women its yur boy. hahaha wtf
ray (2013-08-31 09:51:48)
its' funny shit- but wats all dis about how it be racist an dey must be bruvvas? me an my crew we all white- an we talk same way as tyrone ice n shit u get me. open ur mind peace
Nigger (2013-08-19 22:20:05)
Tyrone is ma nigga
Lol (2013-08-19 22:19:29)
Ya man tyrone wants to stick his fat penis up the dogs vagina ballshit
BIATCH (2013-08-19 22:17:23)
El Burro (2013-07-19 10:18:42)
Nah, he starts calling names.. not funny.. I ordered your book though. Am I the retard now because I can all read this online?
manigah (2013-07-02 20:14:50)
"i love taking care of dogs and shit" tyrone is good taking care of dog's shit haha
Anonymous (2013-05-26 02:22:09)
References for a dogsitter? And they wonder why criminals stay criminals for life...
T-Biggs (2013-03-21 10:30:50)
"I love taking care of dogs and shit" O Tyrone, you cray.
anonymous (2013-02-17 21:53:58)
I like how G Ice spelled definitely the correct way.
LOL (2013-02-14 05:05:16)
I lost it at "my associate g-ice" LOL
anonymous (2013-01-26 11:09:23)
Omg dying laughing!!!!! And true that to the person who said that thecry baby that was whining about sterotypes and racism was in all actuality the racist one for ASSUMING you were portraying a black man!!! Hahahahaa made you look real dumb!!! People art
black person (2012-12-28 01:32:49)
I love enslaving other black people and then selling them to white people for a small fee.
white person (2012-11-19 16:12:12)
I like conquering places and make ppl slaves lol
Da Tru G Ice niggazzzzz (2012-11-19 16:10:30)
ay yo u moffugaz be talkin shit bout me u racist crackers. i aint playin bitch ass fags. imma take ur dog and care the shit outta him mane chill the fuck out my niggaz

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