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Clydesdale Needs A Home
Posted at: 2009-10-01 13:41:23
From Me to ********
RE: Clydesdale horse needs caring owners:

Hey there!

Your horse looks beautiful! Is he still available?

Michael Murphy
Vice President
Murphy Glue Factory, Inc.

From ******** to Me
RE: Clydesdale horse needs caring owners:


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Fucker (2024-04-30 17:38:16)
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paper boy (2022-08-05 12:16:50)
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Jamie (2014-01-22 23:07:02)
Short and sweet. That was perfect. xD
Finnarokneese (2013-05-29 18:22:43)
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Clydesdale (2013-05-10 21:22:19)
zitdmyjbi (2013-04-10 01:20:26)
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C-man Willllalalala (2012-12-24 17:37:18)
@lulz, have u been sniffing glue, lad?
Donut Qweeeel (2012-12-24 17:35:40)
Funny A.F.
lulz (2012-10-31 04:17:05)
Missed a golden opportunity to email "normally" from a different account for a bit, and then "accidentally" send one of the the replies from the original email address. :p
Fghff (2012-10-12 06:18:25)
Razer (2012-07-28 17:34:37)
Oh wow... post=69...
What (2012-07-26 18:29:22)
Yahho Answers (2012-07-20 17:52:43)
Where should I send my old horse? I only have a limited amount of space in my stables, and I want to replace my older horses with newer ones. I want to give my horses to people who are going to care for them deeply, and not neglect them. A guy from Murph
ChasingTheDragon (2012-07-20 17:11:22)
google murphy glue factory horse" hahah the person that got trolled posted it EVERYWHERE lol
Lucas (2012-07-20 10:09:33)
@jb (2012-07-15 19:31:41)
Lol i noticed it
Jacob (2012-06-28 00:45:06)
WTF lol
dylonias (2012-05-12 20:48:02)
LMAO oh my god, type "Murphys Glue Factory horses" into google n click on the yahoo answers link. Trust me.
Bit corny (2012-05-08 11:38:32)
This prank is a good one, though a tad corny since the email signed by thee vice president. Perhaps if it was from a different department that had to do with production or something more realistic. ;-)
Seinfeld (2012-05-08 11:34:45)
If it weren't for Jerry Seinfeld's standup routine which pointed out that certain parts of horses are used to manufacture glue, I would have never understood this joke. Funny stuff.
Fan (2012-04-27 12:37:35)
Choice :-) lol
ThatFckinGuyAgain (2012-02-29 16:06:46)
@glue you must be sniffing glue because you're a f*ckin retard

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