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Female Movers
Posted at: 2009-06-09 01:31:44
Obviously this bitch knew her place.
Original ad:
Hi, I'm looking for two "reliable/cool" girls to help me move some things from one storage unit to the next on Saturday 30th or Sunday 31st of May . They are directly across from each other but there are some fairly heavy things. I am low-key mid 30's female and can help with some stuff but will have stitches so am not supposed to lift a lot of heavy stuff. I can pay $15.00 per hour each for all or any part of the hour (ie: 1 hr and 20 min = $30.00). Also, can pick you up and drop off. I guess it will take us 1-2 hours start to finish.
From Timmy Tucker to ************@**********.org


I saw your ad on ********** looking for girls to help you move. I am not a girl, but I must say, who are you kidding? Girls can't move heavy objects. That is a man's job, which is perfect for me. I am 6 foot and 220 lbs. I can bench press twice my weight and I can definitely move the shit out of whatever you are carrying. Leave the women for the kitchen. I'll help you move. My rate is $40 an hour.



From Trace ***** ****** to Me

Thanks, Tim. Will keep you posted.

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MASon (2022-03-11 13:10:51)
Can i move it?
Beatrice (2016-11-06 04:24:32)
Ross is a real dude! Your argument became relevant at that moment anyways Prodigy got caught with a gun th;2a#8t17&s basically a bb gun and got double the time Tip did for ALL the weapon and silencers he got caught with and he was a convicted felon at the
JessicaAlus (2015-03-21 22:54:25)
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qhbxbpmyxarv (2015-01-04 17:30:49)
I, as a person, like pure beauty, beautiful, like high heels a road to tread on the smooth flagstone echo, the booming voice is familiar to me and love heart notes, is the soul in this world and time walking song traces, not abandoned feeling faith to sho
Wow... (2013-09-24 17:55:40)
@Not-a-Feminist Seriously? You are going to point out sexism AND use a slur in the same sentence? The original poster of the "troll" reply was joking, you are very seriously being a bigot. At least their post was satire, yours is just sad.
Dude in Deep (2013-05-28 00:32:50)
Hi, Everyone Lets Please get along. initials
somebpdy (2013-05-28 00:31:44)
help hello bellow nice below jello in a fellow.
Shroom207 (2013-04-30 20:58:50)
*Redirecting Troll Energy*
to many faggots (2013-02-10 12:53:41)
to many faggots in here
JixChan (2012-11-17 20:17:29)
...And she never replied back....
Woosh! (2012-10-14 03:11:50)
Did nobody get that he used the Timmy Tucker name from the email with the Moving guy who called him: Timmy Tucker Mother Fucker"
anonymous (2012-08-26 23:27:36)
leave the women for the kitchen fuckin hilarious !
unsuccessful troll (2012-05-16 20:28:01)
...and Mike gets pwned by the woman with stitches! I guess you can't win every troll.
Hitler 4chan (2012-05-13 03:52:17)
You are my new god
@~-tHe CaLLoUt-~ (2012-04-06 20:31:39)
I lol'd.
to Not-a-Feminist (2011-12-09 15:01:28)
Way to encourage equal rights, idiot. Because homosexual men can't be real men? They can take a dick, but you can't take a joke. Hmmm. I bet your armpits are hairy.
anonymous (2011-12-05 23:23:35)
If only the comments weren't such a cesspool
Johnny Eyeball (2011-10-19 13:05:47)
@Not-a-Feminist. I'm heterosexual, yet the cracked jaw I gave my slut of a girlfriend last night for burning my toast was poetry in fucking motion & makes your little statement somewhat inaccurate.
bob (2011-10-16 01:07:00)
il move the shit out of your things
~-tHe CaLLoUt-~ (2011-09-28 12:43:29)
@Not-a-Feminist: So what you are saying is that homosexual men routinely abuse women.
To Sara Elizabeth (2011-09-17 06:04:03)
You sound like a whore. Come sit on me.
abasslinelow (2011-07-29 21:01:09)
I don't understand what is wrong with all of you humorless bastards. Do you honestly think that people have to believe the things they make jokes about? It's not sexism - it's shock value, plain and simple.
Sara Elizabeth (2011-07-29 11:53:17)
Lmfao. I love it when my guy friends tell me to make them a sandwich! I just sit on them and say " I need another person for this!"
@actually (2011-07-17 15:44:16)
Shut the hell up!
I Love Char (2011-06-26 18:40:52)
...plan on having a relationship, go shave your legs.

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