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Jewish Sperm Donor
Posted at: 2009-06-09 01:39:56
This was in response to an ad looking for Jewish egg donors (wtf?)
Timmy Tucker to *********


My name is Mordecai Davidsteinberg and I saw your ad looking for donors. I would gladly help. I blow hearty loads of jew cum every day and would love to see my nut blossom into a beautiful little jew. A little bit about myself: I am an avid jew. I only eat kosher food and I regularly visit the synagogue. I assure you that my sperm is 100% Israeli.

I look forward to nutting in some hot jewish MILFS!

- Mordy
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Jews eat babies (2024-05-01 14:06:44)
Jews are scary. They drink our blood and plan to kill or enslave everyone. Sick "chosen people" of Jehovah the demon "god".
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oop (2020-11-18 15:19:49)
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RichardRak (2020-03-27 20:20:52)
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Oxoanafw (2018-06-21 04:40:39)
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Meemmocb (2018-06-19 02:04:20)
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Aitiwadq (2018-06-16 08:32:30)
Getty Images6Ibrahimovic with sons Vincent and Maximilian at PSG in 2014Getty Images6Maximilian (rig.Reuters8Darren Fletcher gave West Brom the lead early in the first halfSunderland are yet to win a league game since beating Watford in mid-December. WE
Hwkopdjk (2018-05-23 16:16:43)
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Ysrzyfwu (2018-05-22 13:40:36)
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Qzetjqmb (2018-05-10 06:40:56)
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Jclxtjsc (2018-05-05 16:24:39)
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Tutaprcs (2018-05-04 15:01:42)
If Jeter’s group fails to turn things around, not only will they likely have to short-sell dow.Like many of the White Sox’s games this year, it didn’t come easy either.Guys like Nori Aoki, Peter Bourjos, and (another) former Twin Ben Rev
Vtlshebw (2018-04-25 00:41:00)
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Mvutobcf (2018-04-24 10:18:16)
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Nfdywiie (2018-04-23 12:13:59)
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Oristzvw (2018-04-22 16:04:33)
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Bdmqbbzi (2018-04-20 22:49:27)
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Rzvvzdyy (2018-04-20 14:38:55)
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Drgiqgfc (2018-04-20 01:08:46)
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Qlyyvfup (2018-04-19 14:02:27)
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Qwzfckol (2018-04-18 23:15:26)
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Bldsnkwx (2018-04-18 18:26:46)
Verlander, in fact, is the second pitcher to start his AstrosĀ career with a win in each of his first five outings.8 good starts in his two trips to the mound, Hughes has had two good outings, and Mejia was basically non-existent in his first, but very go
Zrcivnzs (2018-04-17 04:51:19)
While the Yankees are only seven games into the season, the bullpen’s shakiness is something to take a momentary pause for concern.; Joe Kelly Brawl, Reigniting The Yankees/Red Sox Rivalry - April 12, 2018The Boos Rain Down As Giancarlo Stanton Cont

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